A Lenten Collect to Endure the Wildernesses

Spirit of God, who works within us for good, you sometimes move us toward places that are arid and difficult. Grant us endurance to survive in the wilderness, trusting in your wisdom, that we would be strengthened and changed through these times, made more like you, through Jesus Christ our teacher, who was made strong in relationship with you and the Father. Amen. ‘And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness.’ – Mark 1:12 In Lent, we are called to create a wilderness for ourselves, but sometimes we are taken into dry places we did not choose. How do you respond to being in places that are barren and difficult? Where do you turn to get through such places? Do such times expose how much you need God? How much you trust or do not trust him? What do you need from him to stay attached and willing?