A Lenten Collect to Receive Christ without Fear

Gentle one, who comes to us in humility and mercy, ease us away from our fear and defensiveness, that we might receive you and those you send and attend to those you place in our care with gentle and loving attention as you have shown, through you who lives and reigns with the Father and Holy Spirit. Amen. ‘Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it; as it is written: “Do not be afraid, daughter of Zion. Look, your king is coming, sitting on a donkey’s colt!”‘ – John 12:14-15 How do you see God looking at you? Ready to punish? Desiring to heal? Rather indifferent? Jesus coming on a donkey’s colt showed him coming in peace and gentleness, perhaps in humility, and not as a harsh or conquering ruler. What would it look like for you in today’s world for Jesus to come to you in peace and gentleness? If you imagine Jesus coming in that way, where does it leave your heart?